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Work with the urban planners behind UrbanFootprint. We’re a team of urban planning consultants with over 30 years of hands-on experience building industry-leading solutions for cities, states and regions across the globe. Our work is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between planning decisions and the environmental, public health, fiscal and livability challenges facing our communities. We’ll help you bring better information to the table.

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Advanced planning, analysis, and modeling from our team of experienced urban planning consultants informs public discourse and policy decision-making across all sectors. Our approach: understand results first. By testing existing conditions against alternative land use and policy scenarios at the outset, we project a range of critical metrics, including carbon emissions, travel behavior, energy use, water consumption, public health, and fiscal impact, to yield the most sustainable solutions. Leverage our expertise to enhance your work in the following areas:

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Vision California

California Wrestles with a Daunting Growth Pattern.

By 2050, California’s population is expected to grow to nearly 60 million people and 24 million jobs. Funded by the California High Speed Rail Authority in partnership with the California Strategic Growth Council, the “Vision California” initiative sought to reconcile projected energy, water, fiscal, and public health challenges with the critical need to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.

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