The first software for urban planning developed for–and by–planning professionals.

Integrating proven strategies from 30+ years of real-world planning and design practice, UrbanFootprint helps you discover the true costs and benefits of alternative growth patterns quickly, affordably, and reliably. UrbanFootprint is software for urban planning that can be used at many scales for many users. With a sophisticated web-based user interface served and supported over the cloud, UrbanFootprint makes it easier to manage all project scopes, from infill sites, local neighborhoods, corridors, districts, cities and regional plans.


Powerful. Flexible. Scalable. UrbanFootprint is ideal for
organizations that handle planning projects of every scope.

Connect the dots. Communicate ideas. Build consensus quickly.

Develop a range of scenarios that reflect a full spectrum of stakeholder approaches and concerns. Quickly uncover outcomes and compare tradeoffs. This powerful and intuitive software for urban planning enables you to conduct extensive exploration that yields deeper insights and builds consensus by sharing impacts based on data-driven analytics.

Intuitive software. Intelligent decision making.

UrbanFootprint is modern software for urban planning, built to support sustainable design.

Embrace the Change

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