Agile city planning software that helps you bring better information to the table, faster.

UrbanFootprint is built to address the challenges of sustainable urban planning. Intuitive features and streamlined workflows eliminate the constraints planners face daily—outdated tools, disorganized data, inadequate analytics, inefficient processes, and ineffective reporting.

UrbanFootprint is changing the game. Using proven methodologies and modern data analytics, this user-friendly, web-based city planning software allows planners, designers, developers, analysts, and advocates to be more effective without requiring advanced technical expertise. Consolidate high quality data. Compare more scenarios in less time. Communicate to build consensus.

Explore our innovative city planning software features.

Unlock the data, design library, analytics, and reporting tools you need to build sustainable solutions in a single platform.

Effective communication is built on clarity.

Exceptional planning is only half of the equation. Addressing each stakeholder’s priorities is the keystone to building consensus. UrbanFootprint gives you all the tools and resources you need to communicate more clearly and persuasively.

Embrace the Change

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