Bring your urban planning and design ideas to life with support from our experts.

Under a tight deadline for a very important project plan? Additional urban planning and design support services are available from our team. Use UrbanFootprint’s customizable features with support from experienced urban planners to create, compare, and convey your plans faster, more cost-effectively and with greater influence.

Set Up

Let us manage your setup so UrbanFootprint is ready for use by your team the moment you are ready to deploy.

Analytics Calibration

We will determine the appropriate inputs to UrbanFootprint’s analytic engines and configure them so that they produce results tuned for your project site.

Reference Data Management

The UrbanFootprint team will find, cleanse, and load reference data that your project requires.

Place and Building Types

Our team will create custom place and building types that reflect the local built form for your project.


Customize UrbanFootprint to reflect your current workflow or match the specifics of your most complex projects. UrbanFootprint can be customized to address impacts, scenarios, usage and more.

Parcel or Custom Canvas

Let us load a parcel or custom canvas for you. We’ll work with our data providers or use your canvas and make it available for scenario development in UrbanFootprint.

Analytics Customization

We can adjust our analytics modules to use supplementary data sources to provide results more attuned for your project.


Help your teams conduct more effective planning and capitalize on the software’s full potential for your urban planning and design projects. Our experienced planning and technology experts can provide additional training to departments within your organization.

Custom User Training

We can develop a training curriculum specific to your teams needs that goes beyond the standard training provided as part of your onboarding to UrbanFootprint.

Administrative Training

Learn how to administer UrbanFootprint users and projects.

On Site Training

We’ll come to your office to do in-person training and work with your team to accelerate your first projects.

Let’s talk about your project.

Discover how UrbanFootprint can streamline your planning process.