Bridging the Gap Between City Sustainability and Land Use Planning

Get the tools you need to take climate action.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability USA, the makers of Clear Path™ and the leader in civic emissions management and climate preparedness. As local governments prepare to address the challenges of climate change, our partnership aims to give planners and sustainability managers the resources they need to create data-driven climate action plans.

Advanced Emissions Analyses

Learn how the future alignment of Clear Path and UrbanFootprint will help users create advanced emissions analyses for current and future land use scenarios to power smart climate action plans.

Fresh Case Study Insights

Explore real-life insights from the City of Honolulu and the City of Madison. We’ll learn how the planning and sustainability departments work together to achieve climate action plan goals.

Partnership Details and Benefits

This landmark partnership includes a no-cost, one-year membership to ICLEI for new UrbanFootprint Civic customers and a discount to purchase UrbanFootprint for ICLEI members.

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