Sustainable urban design begins with forward-thinking solutions.

We are a mission-driven company, committed to sustainable urban design. The future of our cities is the future of our social coherence, economic vitality and environmental sustainability. Our methodologies and tools reflect our belief that sustainability and economic prosperity are not only increasingly conjoined, they will soon become indistinguishable.

We are committed to helping cities, regions, NGOs and private urban planning firms translate their ideas on sustainability into a vision that garners consensus.

Meet the Founders

UrbanFootprint was founded by two acclaimed industry professionals with decades of experience in the urban planning and design field. Against this backdrop of extensive industry involvement, they developed tools, technology and strategies that would eventually become UrbanFootprint.

  • Peter Calthorpe

    Peter Calthorpe

    Principal & Co-Founder

  • Joe DiStefano

    Joe DiStefano

    Principal & Co-Founder

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