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UrbanFootprint is the perfect tool for the job we do. We’re able to create numerous land use scenarios, measure the impacts and benefits, and easily share the results with our community members and let them decide based on the outcomes. It’s extremely important for us to empower them as decision makers.

Ryan Beck, Vice President of Planning

Envision Utah Maps a Community Vision for the Future of Utah County with UrbanFootprint

In anticipation of Utah County’s projected growth of one million people by 2065, Envision Utah used UrbanFootprint to power a streamlined and data-driven community planning initiative.

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Dover, Kohl & Partners Enhances Climate Action Plans with Advanced Scenario Planning

As a leader in the climate action planning space, Dover, Kohl & Partners decided to expand their capabilities using UrbanFootprint’s built-in scenario planning toolkit and suite of analysis modules.

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When it comes to scenario planning for climate action plans, UrbanFootprint provides an excellent shorthand for imagining multiple future scenarios and comparing their environmental performance.

Jason King, Principal & Senior Project Director

We find UrbanFootprint to be extremely helpful in the proposal process. With comprehensive data coverage, you can create insightful maps with very minimal effort. The client is always surprised to see that you have such detailed data before you even have a contract.

Alex Steinberger, Partner

Cascadia Partners Innovates Their Planning Process with UrbanFootprint

Learn how Cascadia Partners uses UrbanFootprint to win more proposals, save time on existing conditions, and enhance their scenario planning analyses.

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City of San Diego Enhances Community Plan Updates with UrbanFootprint

The City’s Planning Department continues to integrate the use of technology to help improve and cost-efficiently manage the land use analysis and scenario planning process required for each community plan update.

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UrbanFootprint has the potential to incorporate technology into an innovative planning process to perform scenario planning analysis which can aid in further detailed urban design studies and visualizations.

Mike Hansen, Planning Department Director

UrbanFootprint supports three key aspects of our work: streamlining the proposal development process, collecting and presenting data during the existing conditions phase of a project, and facilitating scenario planning to better understand impacts and benefits.

Matt Raimi, Partner

Logo for Raimi + Associates

Raimi + Associates Wins More Business and Delivers Sustainable Planning Faster with UrbanFootprint

With an unwavering commitment to creating healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities, Raimi + Associates’ work includes developing General and Comprehensive Plans; master plans for transit districts, corridors and neighborhoods; climate adaptation and resilience plans and healthy community plans.

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Using UrbanFootprint has helped us go beyond general benefits and estimates to quantify specific predicted outcomes. We are now able to put numbers to solutions and project how each scenario will impact our efforts to increase transit ridership and reduce VMT.

Ben Zellers, Planner, Comprehensive Planning & Regional Cooperation, City of Madison

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