Coming Back Stronger: An Agenda for a Cleaner, More Resilient, More Equitable America

12.08.2020 | Joe DiStefano

UrbanFootprint is Proud to Equip the Rocky Mountain Institute and Bloomberg Philanthropies with Software and Data in Support of a Bold New Urban Agenda

Arguably more than ever before in our lifetimes, the year 2020 has demonstrated how natural and human events can conspire to create profound challenges to the collective resilience of our environment, health, economy, and livelihood. Worsening climate change, income inequality, and impacts from an ongoing pandemic have battered our economy and further exposed longstanding disparities in access and opportunity.

While there are many aspects of this collective crisis over which we have limited control, there are undoubtedly strategies we can take to not only mitigate their effects, but significantly bolster our resilience, equity, and overall sense of agency.

To that end, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies, today published an in-depth and important report, “Coming Back Stronger.” The report outlines a high-level strategy to recover from the human tragedy and economic crisis induced both by the pandemic and natural hazard events brought about by climate change.

To develop the strategy discussed in the report, RMI leveraged the mapping and analytics capabilities of the UrbanFootprint platform to evaluate numerous scenarios in key sectors: access and mobility; public and commercial buildings; broadband access and quality; water availability and treatment; the natural environment; and energy and utilities.

The result? A playbook for achieving cleaner, more resilient, and more equitable communities, which recommends specific steps to improve—and future-proof—American infrastructure to:

  • Create jobs and spur economic recovery
  • Confront massive social inequalities
  • Accelerate the transition to clean energy transition
  • Prepare communities to withstand climate instability

Be sure to check out the RMI report to see just one of the many ways UrbanFootprint can be used to answer questions at the intersection of urban transformation, climate change, social equity, and community resilience. We’re excited to see more and more of our customers using the platform to plan, invest, and adapt better than ever before in the face of ongoing challenges.

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