Fast Company Features the Debut of UrbanFootprint’s California Civic Program

04.11.2018 | Lauren Blecher Scherba

Today we announced our partnership with the State of California and venture firm Social Capital, offering our software to over 500 California cities, counties, and regional agencies, free of charge. Fast Company interviewed Co-Founders Peter Calthorpe and Joe DiStefano to get the scoop, heralding UrbanFootprint’s ability to quickly deliver key insights on potential plan and policy impacts. As Fast Company explains:

“The tool pulls in data from around 100 datasets–about jobs and the people living in a neighborhood, how many people are driving or biking, existing buildings, predictions for sea levels rise, decaying infrastructure, inequality, health, and more–and uses machine learning to clean up the data. When someone using the software enters information about a proposed plan or policy, the tool feeds back environmental, social, and economic metrics.”

We’re thrilled to be featured in Fast Company and spread the word about our new California Civic program. (UrbanFootprint is also available for all community stakeholders involved in urban planning across the country.) Read on to check out the full article.