Catch Co-Founder Joe DiStefano’s SB 827 Interview on NBC Bay Area News

03.20.2018 | Lauren Blecher Scherba

NBC Bay Area reporter Thom Jensen interviewed UrbanFootprint co-founder Joe DiStefano this week to get the scoop on our SB 827 analysis. The proposed California housing bill is getting a lot of attention as residents continue to weigh in on both sides of the discussion.

UrbanFootprint ran the numbers to illuminate the possible impacts of the hotly debated legislation, using three East Bay BART transit stations as the case study. As DiStefano shares:

“It’s our hope that with the data, this livens the debate and gets people thinking about alternative ways as well to address production. We all realize there is a massive housing supply issue.”

Watch the full interview from NBC Bay Area and check out the original SB 827 analysis on our blog.