Actionable Program Performance and Outreach Analytics

CEO Joe DiStefano and Director of Strategic Partnerships Josh Goldstein speak at NCSHA’s Data Demo Day 2022

One of the biggest challenges government assistance programs face is getting resources into the hands of people who need it most.

To overcome this challenge and improve program outcomes, agency leaders need more actionable data. That means being able to answer important questions like:

  • Who is in most need of benefits?
  • Where are eligible populations located?
  • Where are we making progress?
  • What are the barriers facing priority communities?

Watch this video to learn about UrbanFootprint’s Program Performance and Outreach Analytics — a comprehensive solution for monitoring and improving the performance of government-assistance programs.

First, see how a clear view of the intersection of need, eligibility, and a program’s operational footprint can provide actionable insights that answer critical questions. Then hear from our CEO, Joe DiStefano and Lorrie Blevens, Section Chief for ERAP at the California Department of Housing and Community Development as they discuss how CA HCD uses data to maximize outreach efficiency and improve program outcomes.

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