The New York Times Covers UrbanFootprint’s SB 827 Analysis

03.19.2018 | Lauren Blecher Scherba

SB 827 is a controversial California bill introduced by state senator Scott Wiener. The bill proposes a dramatic shift in zoning throughout the state. Proponents laud the bill’s motive to increase California’s infamously short housing stock around transit stations, while detractors assert the bill’s capacity to reshape neighborhoods beyond recognition.

As New York Times authors Conor Dougherty and Jennifer Medina write, “Given that California is falling behind its climate goals and suffering from a dire housing shortage that has given the state the distinction of having the nation’s highest poverty rate, it seems clear that some inevitably controversial plan will have to be adopted if the state is going to become greener and more economically equal. It seems equally clear that the state won’t get there without some big changes to existing neighborhoods — which won’t be easy.”

At UrbanFootprint we dove into the numbers, analyzing how the bill might impact three East Bay BART transit stations. View the full coverage in the New York Times or check out the original analysis on our blog.