Urban Planning and the International Community: Citiscope Interviews Peter Calthorpe

09.11.2017 | Andrew Fetterer

“I noted throughout my career that if you give people alternatives and then you measure the outcomes, you make better decisions.” – Peter Calthorpe

How should the planet prepare for smart, sustainable urbanization? The United Nations sought to tackle this critical puzzle with our Co-Founder and Principal, Peter Calthorpe, onboard the eight-member advisory panel appointed to enhance UN-Habitat effectiveness.

This week, Calthorpe sat down with Citiscope to discuss, “What Urban Planners Want from the International Community.” In the interview, Calthorpe weighs in on the potential impacts of UN-Habitat reform for urbanists and the tools planners will need to address a rapidly urbanizing global population.

Ready for the details? Read the full interview on Citiscope.