Peter Calthorpe Talks UN-Habitat with NextCity

09.25.2017 | Andrew Fetterer

“…Cities are the nexus of common solutions to our toughest challenges — poverty, economic development, social integration, environmental degradation, and yes, climate change.” – Peter Calthorpe

The adoption of the New Urban Agenda was a seminal milestone for the United Nations. For UN-Habitat, the move elevated sustainable urban design to play a significant role in the future of our global society and at once created a major challenge: How does a large organization like the UN restructure to support such a complex initiative on the global scale?

In an op-ed for NextCity, our Co-Founder and Principal Peter Calthorpe shares “3 Ways the UN Can Keep Cities at the Center of Sustainability Goals”, detailed from his experience as one of the eight-member advisory council commissioned to enhance UN-Habitat effectiveness. In this piece, Calthorpe discusses three fundamental strategies: elevating UN-Habitat, integrating its operations across the UN, and refocusing its activities.

Ready to read the op-ed in full? Visit “3 Ways the UN Can Keep Cities at the Center of Sustainability Goals” on the NextCity.