The New York Times Interviews Peter Calthorpe

09.04.2017 | Andrew Fetterer


In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the New York Times posed a question, “Is Houston Still a Model City?”  Houston has long served as a prime example for two opposing urbanist philosophies: Proponents of sustainable design view the city as a cautionary tale for the impacts of unchecked sprawl while advocates of free market growth hold Houston’s affordability as evidence of unregulated success.

As The New York Times writes, no city could have been prepared for 50 inches of rain, with or without stricter zoning codes. Yet, as Co-founder and Principal of Calthorpe Analytics, Peter Calthorpe, contends, thoughtful growth planning would better support Houston’s resiliency and recovery.

Interested in the details? Read the full article: “Is Houston Still a Model City? Its Supporters Aren’t Backing Down.”