Watch Peter Calthorpe’s TED Talk

08.17.2017 | Andrew Fetterer

“At the same time that we’re solving for climate change, we’re going to be building cities for 3 billion people…If we don’t get that right, I’m not sure all the climate solutions in the world will save mankind.” – Peter Calthorpe, TED2017.

Watch the new TED Talk, “7 Principles for Building Better Cities” from our very own Peter Calthorpe, Co-Founder & Principal of Calthorpe Analytics. Presenting live at TED2017 in Vancouver, Calthorpe shares the importance of building environmentally responsible, economically strong, and socially equitable communities in the fight against climate change.

Why focus on sustainable cities? Cities are a manifestation of the way we live, and if current trends are any indication, their climate impact will exponentially increase. Today over half the world’s population lives in urban areas. By 2050, 70 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in cities. In the United States alone, 53% of greenhouse gas emissions are dependent upon the nature of our buildings and our transportation — both sit squarely in the realm of urbanism. If we are to curtail the effects of climate change, smart urban design must be part of the solution.

Ready to discover the framework for building sustainable, resilient cities? Watch Peter Calthorpe explain seven key principles for building a better future for both our global and local communities.