Future-Proofing Cities: Innovations for Resilience & Sustainability | BloombergNEF

CEO Joe DiStefano speaks at BloombergNEF Summit 2022

Urban communities are responsible for 60% of the world’s emissions and are also on the forefront of the fight to adapt to climate change. We need new technologies, innovations, and strategies to make cities more resilient, adaptable and sustainable. While some countries are planning entirely new net-zero cities, the majority of 2050’s urban infrastructure has already been built. What new technologies, business models and governance will be required to maintain urban vitality in a climate challenged future? Which cities are good case studies today? What are the current priorities?

Joe DiStefano
CEO & Co-Founder, Urban Footprint

Lisa Fisher
Resilience + Sustainability Lead, SF Planning

Micah Kotch
Managing Director, Urban-X

Matt Petersen

Kirti Vasta (Moderator)
Associate, Technology and Innovation, BloombergNEF

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