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Finally, a cloud-based urban planning software built by urban planners and designers that truly understand your needs. Actionable Data, Scenario Building, and Multi-Metric Analysis. All in one place, accessible from anywhere.

  • Streamlined Data, Maps & More

    Spend more time planning and less time looking for data. UrbanFootprint comes with ready-to-use environmental, social, transportation, and land use data. Easily assess existing conditions with advanced query and mapping features that bring powerful data science tools to everyone.   LEARN MORE

  • Design Toolkit

    Select prototypes from an expanding library of Place Types, Block Types, and Building Types to build scenarios. Develop your own Types specific to site and place. Organize these prototypes across projects, locations, and offices.   LEARN MORE

  • Interactive Scenario Building

    Test alternative design concepts and planning scenarios at any scale; site, corridor, district, city, or regional. Our state-of-the-art library of place types and push-button workflows allow for easy scenario comparison and constraint analysis. Build consensus faster with direct stakeholder engagement.   LEARN MORE

  • Advanced Analytics

    Perform powerful social, environmental, transportation, and financial analysis with ease. Bring better information to stakeholders and decision makers, fast, with UrbanFootprint’s integrated analysis engines and scenario reporting.   LEARN MORE

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UrbanFootprint Explorer, Core, and Metro Manager reduce the time you spend collecting data, producing plans, and analyzing impacts for projects at every scale. Explore the features and benefits of all three UrbanFootprint subscriptions to find the best fit for your firm, department, or organization.

Born of Proven Experience.
Built for a Broad Range of Practitioners.

We’re not just another software company. We’re planners and designers with more than 30 years of industry-leading experience in sustainable urban development. We understand the challenges of the planning process and we built UrbanFootprint to empower planners, architects, environmental analysts, and advocates.

Sustainability at All Scales

Sustainable cities conserve and restore resources while they create diverse, livable, and human-scaled places. Sustainable design must operate at all scales simultaneously – from project and block to neighborhood, district, city, and region. UrbanFootprint allows planners to quickly understand plan impacts at every level. Evaluate local efforts in the regional context or flip the scale to assess regional plans at the local level.

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The Internet of Things and Big Data are making cities in many ways conscious; they are more and more self-adjusting, homeostatic and autonomous. In this framework, UrbanFootprint changes the way cities can think about themselves. It enables self-awareness (dynamic data), articulates expectations and goals (scenarios), allows reflection (analysis of outcomes) and generates insights (patterns of co-benefits).

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