Moving California Forward – Full Report Released

11.16.2015 | Joe DiStefano

Calthorpe Analytics is proud to announce the release of the full Moving California Forward report. Following the policymakers’ summary released in September 2015, this report provides more detail, additional policy recommendations, and the technical modeling and background behind the results.

This past spring, Governor Jerry Brown signed an Executive Order setting a goal of reducing carbon emissions 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. By emphasizing better land use patterns, carbon reductions of this magnitude are not just technically feasible, but would also create billions of dollars in savings on infrastructure, fuel, and health costs while empowering economic growth and helping counter income inequality. These are the conclusions of Moving California Forward, a new study on the potential for smart growth in California, conducted by Energy Innovation and Calthorpe Analytics.

Full report can be found here:

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