Planning for a Healthier Future

06.21.2016 | Andrew Fetterer

Calthorpe Analytics collaborated with Transportation for America (T4A) and transportation planning and public health experts from Fehr & Peers, Conveyal, and Urban Design 4 Health to lead the development of a framework of performance measures for evaluating regional land use and transportation alternatives.

Building on a review of current practices and valuable input from four regions across the country (Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, San Diego, CA and Nashville, TN), the Planning for a Healthier Futurereport recommends measures within a framework of eight categories – environmental preservation, personal household costs, vehicle miles traveled, transportation options, accessibility to opportunities, active transport safety, individual health, and exposure to air pollution. Measures were evaluated with an understanding that regions vary in data availability and technical capacity, as well as their unique profiles of regional challenges and goals.

The report aims to assist regions as they push beyond more traditional evaluation criteria that focus on congestion, safety, and roadway condition metrics into the critical public health, social equity, and environmental impacts of land use and infrastructure choices. When used effectively, an expanded array of performance measures can help Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and other regional agencies better identify policies and projects that support their goals, enable comprehensive evaluation across multiple issue areas, demonstrate accountability and transparency, and communicate trade offs to stakeholders.

See the full discussion and definition of the measures in the report, available here:

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